The Frontier Family

The Frontier Way

The Frontier Way

We live in a world with a broken healthcare system. Our doctors are bogged down with 2 hours of paperwork for every hour of patient care. Patients are left waiting and often, even sicker.

Shouldn’t your healthcare be better? 

Don’t our doctors deserve more?

Frontier Direct Care is taking on the broken healthcare system with a team of doctors and clinics who are caring for people, not the system by providing direct access to a physician with no wait time, no hidden costs, and no frustrating insurance issues.

Our Core Values:

Core Values:

We’re Up for Anything, Down for a Bar Fight. Our patients trust that our doctors will fight for their treatment. There’s a reason FDC has a less than 1% turnover rate.

We have a 2nd-Mile Attitude. We will take any and all necessary steps to make sure our patients are comfortable with the care they receive from us.

We are Mission-Minded. Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare and serve people’s real medical needs. We’re not just here to make money off our patients.

We are Exceptionally Thorough. Our doctors don’t have bureaucratic red tape to cross and hoops to jump through, so they’re free to focus on treatment.

We are Intentionally Relational. This means that at FDC, we are focused on engaging with and building real relationships with our patients and their families.

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Dr. Peter Lazzopina

Dr. Peter, Lazzopina

Dr. Peter Lazzopina is a board certified family medicine physician leading a movement to redefine health care. He graduated from Thomas Jefferson Medical College in 2008. Called to Texas to serve Jesus through medicine, Dr. Lazz completed residency at Valley Baptist Family Practice Residency, where he learned to treat people, not just diseases. Since 2011, he has cared for thousands of patients and taught physicians-in-training to do the same as a teaching physician at the same residency program. He founded Frontier Direct Care to help restore and renew a patient-physician relationship focused on bringing healing to people rather than on generating data and profits.

Sandy Valdez

Sandy Valdez is the executive nurse at Frontier DPC. She joined FDC in December 2018. She earned her licensed vocational nursing degree from El Paso Community College in 2009. She became a nurse because she loves helping people. She is married to John and has four children. She loves working at Frontier because there are no barriers to patient care. Instead of spending time talking to insurance companies and government bureaucracies, she has the time to really get to know Frontier members. “It is so rewarding to be able to help people on their terms and not to have the interference from outside parties that slow down other clinics,” Sandy says.

Sandy Valdez
Dr. Jordan Dooley

Dr. Jordan Dooley

Dr. Jordan Dooley completed his medical degree at Michigan State University in 2017. He came to the RGV for specialty training in family medicine at a program dedicated to treating individuals with the dignity and compassion they deserve as people made in God’s image. As part of this program, he trained under Dr. Lazzopina and eventually witnessed the birth of Frontier Direct Care. He excitedly joined Dr. Lazzopina in his mission to restore the patient-physician relationship. Board certified in family medicine, Dr. Dooley is also a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and passionate about helping patients utilize healthy nutrition and exercise choice to reverse and prevent chronic diseases.


Lauren Orzechowski

Lauren Orzechowski is a certified Physician Assistant (PA-C). She graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Boston Campus in May 2012. She moved to the Rio Grande Valley in January 2021. She brings with her nearly 9 years of clinical experience serving patients of all ages. One of the things that she is most excited about at Frontier Direct Care is getting to spend more time with her patients so she can truly get to know them and can address all of their concerns. She is passionate about early identification of connective tissue disorders and has served on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Marfan Foundation. When she is not at the clinic, she enjoys making handmade cards, singing, and spending time with her dogs and family.

Lauren Orzechowski
Dr. Suja Perakathu

Dr. Suja Perakathu

Dr. Suja Perakathu joins Frontier after 10 years of private practice.  A long term resident of the Rio Grande Valley, she graduated from University Ovidius, Romania.  Subsequently, she completed residency at Valley Baptist Family Practice in 2011. There, she honed the patient centered approach to medical care that makes her one of the top rated doctors in the Rio Grande Valley.  Dr. Perakathu joined Frontier Direct Care to enhance her ability to truly serve people well.  She loves to help her patients live a healthy life and has advanced training in obesity medicine. In her spare time, she loves taking care of her 3 children, cooking delicious food and singing her heart out.  

Frontier Direct Care is a membership to a team of doctors and clinics that’s caring for the people, not the system.

No Wait • No Insurance • No Hidden Costs  





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