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AboutUs DrPeterLazzopina

Dr. Peter Lazzopina is a board-certified family medicine physician leading a movement to redefine healthcare. In 2018, Dr. Lazz stepped out in faith to begin direct primary care in Harlingen, Texas. Operating then as Frontier Direct Primary Care, Dr. Lazz saw patients in a shared medical office, performed evaluations and procedures on a massage table, and executed administrative tasks on a picnic table. When he and his wife, Stacey, could juggle all the tasks no more, Dr. Lazz recruited his first employee and former nurse, Sandy. There was no question–Dr. Lazz was helping restore and renew the patient-physician relationship. He focused on bringing healing to people rather than on generating data and profits. And the hard work paid off! 

2020 truly tested the direct primary care model, showing that even the coronavirus couldn’t slow down the movement. Dr. Lazz opened up the Harlingen location on historic Jackson Street, hired another physician, and hired an operations team to take the administrative burden off the medical team.

During his time as physician, DPC-advocate, and Frontier spokesperson, Dr. Lazz has had the privilege to speak before the Texas Legislature in support of House Bill 484, a pilot program that would allow Medicaid recipients to use their government benefits to pay for DPC memberships. Though the proposed Bill was killed, it was a large step forward for the entire DPC community. In September 2021, Dr. Lazz was featured on Patients Rising podcast, discussing the savings that come out of DPC membership. In April 2022, Frontier Direct Care was featured in the Texas Public Policy Foundation article “Losing Hope–and Finding Care.”

AboutUs BibbBeale

Bibb Beale is Frontier’s CEO and the Visionary behind growing a movement. Bibb attended Florida State University’s College of Business, graduating with a degree in Entrepreneurship in 2011. His passion for education, awareness, and leadership in business have allowed him to marry his expertise in business with opportunities for employees, vendors, and entire communities.

Bibb has been a part of Frontier since its inception in 2018, starting out as a patient of Dr. Lazz in the pilot program he ventured out to begin. It’s there that Bibb and his family experienced the accessibility of direct primary care that was incomparable to anything they had ever seen. Fast-forward a year, Bibb joined Pete as his lead investor in the movement.

In early 2020, while still running multiple business ventures, Bibb tested and stressed the expansion business and financial model and realized Frontier was ready to grow. There was just one hiccup: COVID-19. Yet, while the world was on lockdown, Frontier Direct Care was helping heal the community. While many medical operations elsewhere came to a stand-still, Frontier was as busy as ever, solidifying the dream that could become a reality.

In August 2020, the Beale family experienced the most difficult challenge yet when Bibb’s wife, Amy, suffered a seizure that lead to the discovery of brain cancer. With the help of the Frontier medical team, Amy was able to find an excellent referral for treatment. She swiftly underwent brain surgery in Houston and then returned to the Valley to continue her care. This sudden and frightful experience galvanized the idea of Direct Primary Care for Bibb, and he acted quickly. Selling off his businesses, Bibb joined Frontier as CEO. From there, the journey to scale the movement began.